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Battle of the Brave

18th Nov 2019
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18th Nov 2019

Revealing Your-true-self

What I have realized during my escapades and shenanigans is simply this:

The journey of life is the greatest, most extraordinary EPIC ever written. 

Does it begin when we are birthed into this world?

Are our parents writing it for us until age X? Our name, what we eat, what hobbies we may like, what places to visit.

Are life-situations determining what our intricate chapters are about? 

Yes, however, the Epic only really begins when you consciously decide to write your own story, as opposed to letting life write it for you, unconsciously. 

Theme: Fear

For many years I was letting life and my situations define the genre of my story.

Mostly from the root of Fear, which is the trunk of a very thick, tall tree that branches off into twigs of anger, depression, doubt, resentment, and victim mentality. 

You know, the usual messy stuff. 

Most of you can relate – when life strips us bare, leaving us naked and raw, and we have to start a new chapter, again.  

I unconsciously, continually, kept rewriting my past (the thoughts I would think, the emotions I would feel, and the actions as a result), and so the cycle would repeat. 

Writing the same old story every day. 

I had to ask myself:

Am I writing from the root of Fear or Love? Is it the voice of the Victim or the Victor? Is it a theme of Trauma or of Triumph? 

Who do we become once life has knocked us? 

Do we consciously choose?

Do we define ourselves by our past and the pain, or do we use it as a teacher, a lesson for GROWTH? Anything, in the entire Universe that grows, needs a form of pressure and stress upon it.

The Battle of the Brave

As with any novel, the main character must face inner demons and undergo external challenges, battles that lead to a heroic triumph or painful failure.

There are moments of strength and glory, others of loss and anguish. There are moments of greeting new life, rebirthing oneself and experiencing transformations, however, the balance brings upon us the lingering sensation of death, face to face with out shadow, and an apprehensive ability to let go. 

Theme: Epic

When I realized the power of my present, conscious choice, that was progressively creating the theme of my life, and started to mindfully write, direct, and play the lead role in my own story, it became the greatest Epic of Adventure, Fantasy, Magic and Romance I had ever starred in!  

Believe me, this life is the greatest Epic you will ever write. 

The only one.  

Don’t waste time rewriting the past, or fearing the future, these “now moments” are a precious gift creating today and ultimately tomorrow.

What genre are you writing? 

Follow the trails of these travelling toes, 

As I share the tales of the transformation of those,

Who I meet and greet with Love and bare feet. 

With Love,

Travelling Toes


  1. Brian Spurr says:

    Have an awesome journey Tazz. Live the moment!

  2. Dave says:

    Nice article my Kage. Keep up the great work x

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