The One Brick Project

Building low cost houses in rural communities.


One nation, one community, one moment, one brick at a time, to build everlasting change.


The “One Brick” Project is an initiative that was originally created to build a low cost house for Phumie, a lady in the rural community of Ndwedwe, Durban.


Using mainly second-hand materials, raising funds when necessary and merging with companies/individuals who are willing to donate the required resources, we built a home.


This kind of project unites people from all walks of life into a community setting where we work with each other, with our hands and with nature, reconnecting, learning, and being of service to one another.


How Travelling Toes began building houses

Barefoot and free, these feet travel along the path less knwon to many. Here are the toes at the building site of the first house.

It was the year 2016, I was 24 years old, and had absolutely zero, zip, diddly-squat idea how to build a house,

nor was it an intended target of mine.


However, our Creator works in mysterious ways through magical moments of connecting and weaving everyone and everything together.

House of Bricks

The First Project

Capturing happines as Jolly and Ndlovu celebrate her new home.

The first house (2016) was built using bricks and second-hand resources.

I spent months raising funds for the bricks.


This house was built for Phumie, living in the rural community of Ndwedwe, Durban.



House of Sand

The Second Project

Lungile styanding in front of her old house, preparing for a new chapter.

The second house (2018) was also unplanned and I allowed the bold, brave and daring side of me to come out and play.


I chose to use a more eco-friendly method, used by many earth lovers, known as earthbag construction (superadobe), where you make bricks with sand and cement.

Building the walls and evem the floors with sand bags

Eco Brick Chapel

The Third Project

Eco Brick Chapel

The third project (2020) will be a chapel, and (drum roll please…) this one is planned!


Yes, my first two unplanned and unprofessionally skillful projects prepared and led me to this third one, which shall be a grand experience!


We will be building an Eco Brick Chapel for the community members in Morgan’s Bay, at Yellowwood Forest Accommodation, where all types of people from all walks of life can use this as a sacred space.

The first encounter with eco bricks. 
Robyn and Tarryn were destined for this venture together.