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18th Nov 2019
Battle of the Brave
18th Nov 2019

Trail-Blazing as Travelling Toes

I’ve been labeled nomad, hippie, wanderer, gypsy, explorer, pilgrim, and traveler. 

I claim them all! But as a barefoot traveler, I’ll go with travelling Toes. 

What sets me apart from other adventurers and explorers? 

My conscious choice to create the change I wish to see in the world, as I trail-blaze my way onwards. 

Eco Bricks

Heellloooo Bay of Morgan! 

My skillset of not knowing how to build houses has led me from bricks to earthbags, and now… eco-bricks, in Morgan’s Bay, Eastern Cape.

Two very passionate and skillful environmentalists, Robyn and Sean Rohm have offered me a position as Project Manager to assist with this new construction. Robyn will teach and pioneer the way forward! 

Follow the journey of the Chapel –  Folly Chapel. 

I will also be creating a documentary focused on Robyn and Sean’s journey, the Eco Brick Chapel, and the facts about plastic, capturing, writing and molding this story into something spectacular to share with the world. 

Such a mighty escapade would need additional toes for the journey ahead . . . Meet my compadre, Teresa Pauline. (Left)

Evolving From Micro to Macro 

We are shifting as humankind and realizing that changes for the better are driven by Love. 

As a change in our consciousness transpires, we understand that to change things on a MACRO level starts by changes things on a MICRO level – ourselves.

Taking responsibility for our own actions.  

We assume we can’t, but we CAN stop what we are doing to contribute towards the external destruction of our planet.

This is my contribution. 

So follow the trails of these travelling toes, 

As I share the tales of the transformation of those,

Who I meet and greet with Love and bare feet. 

With Love,

Travelling Toes

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